The Death Penalty

The ability to take a citizen's life as punishment for committing a crime is one of the defining attributes of a sovereign nation. It is something that should never be imposed lightly.

Tonight we saw two state executions take place, one in Georgia, the other in Texas. The execution in Texas was that of Lawrence Brewer. The crime for which he was executed was so brutal it was part of the inspiration for hate-crime legislation.   Read more

Thoughts on the fallout from 9/11

There have been events in our history from the very beginning that have helped form our national character. But few, if any, have had such a transformational effect as 9/11 has. That horrible day will forevermore will be held up alongside Pearl Harbor as the definition of infamy. But while Pearl Harbor and prior events have served to strengthen our national identity and dedication to liberty, 9/11 has taken away from that.

For all the outrage and military action following 9/11, the primary response was to give in to fear.   Read more

The Next Great Infrastructure Project

Brian Greenspun, publisher and editor of the Las Vegas Sun, had this to say in his editorial from today:

Pat [Mulroy]’s idea is simple. It is a pipeline that would take the rising water away from the Mississippi River and transport it westward to the Colorado River where, frankly, water is in very short supply. Over the next decade or so, many millions of Baby Boomers will be retiring to the Southwest, putting a further demand on the diminishing water supply. It makes perfect sense that we should take the water no one wants and move it to a place where everyone needs it. The only thing in the way is an old argument about water laws that should no longer, well, hold water. Whatever that pipeline costs can probably be offset by the next few years of flood damage. That’s a pretty good return on investment.

I Remember

It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I remember.
I remember people being told they were inferior and not like others.
I remember those people couldn’t go to the same schools, eat in the same restaurants, drink from the same water fountains or use the same restrooms.
I remember people asking to be respected as citizens of the United States with the right to vote.
I remember watching the news while people were beaten with pick and axe handles.
I remember the fire hoses turned on people tossing them across the street like leaves.   Read more

Are political views 'hard-wired' into your brain?

When hearing “it’s in their DNA”, most people would assume it was a joke referring to conservatives. It seems for the last 50 years or so, research was quietly being done, comparing the brains of conservatives with those of liberal thinking people. After hearing a comment by John Dean (Richard Nixon’s advisor) about the research he did for his book "Conservative Without Conscience", I had to rethink that DNA phrase. John Dean believes the study helped explain why the Republican Party has been driven further right.   Read more

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