Why Don't We Learn?

Are Americans getting less intelligent by the day? They complain about “Big Government” but elect officials who will do absolutely nothing to change policy. Many don’t realize there are times “Big Government” is required to repair damage done to our economy by run away banks and corporations.   Read more

Heading Back Into the Ditch

In September of 2008, when John McCain suspended his presidential campaign and went to Washington to debate the TARP bill, I told a friend, this was the beginning of the fractionalization of the Republican Party. Since the debate over TARP, grassroots Tea Parties sprung up around the country. In the interim the Tea Party has been hijacked by career politicians, turning their anger and energy into votes, replacing many incumbents on both sides of the aisle.   Read more

Middle Class Hosing

On a daily basis, the American people are being lied to by our politicians, corporations and certain media. We’ve all heard comments from our political representatives about how corporations need tax breaks to create jobs, and they pay 35% in taxes. The reality of the situation is, we the people are providing our tax dollars to many of these corporations in subsidies. Tax subsidies are paid to the health insurance companies, banks and big oil. In 2009 Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Bank of America, Citi Fed and others, paid zero tax dollars.   Read more

New boss same as the old boss?

I firmly believe if you don’t learn history or ignore it, you are doomed to repeating the same mistakes.   Read more

The Terrorists are Succeeding

The radical extremists belonging to Al Qaeda and the Talliban are winning the war. Not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but here in the United States. We as a nation have allowed them to enter our psyche which divided us and caused a monstrous rift. We’ve become xenophobic and Islamaphobic. Fear mongering by certain radio and television personalities disallows the ability to openly communicate.   Read more

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