Why vote right?

Why would anyone consider voting Republican or to the right? Over the last 20 months this party has done nothing but obstruct the operation of government. Take the following items as examples of Republicans governing if they win back Congress and the White House.   Read more

"Burn a Quran Day" Is NOT Free Speech

I find the proposed "Burn a Quran Day" to be morally repugnant even though I am not religious. That said, I have to ask if it is an exercise of free speech or is it in fact something that infringes on society's (and hence my) right to a peaceful existence?

The act of publicly burning the Quran is, in my opinion, an open invitation for violent retaliation by some groups.   Read more

Good and Bad Tidings Give Pause For Thought

Every once in a while events happen that make you think about more than just politics or paying the bills.

For example, my dogs woke up Sunday night at about 10:30 and were all excited about something. There was no obvious cause for this, they were not acting as if they had heard something outside. About five minutes later my wife called from the hospital to tell me our latest grand daughter had just been born.

That is an interesting coincidence in itself, but there is more.   Read more

Views on Park51 (Cordoba House) are mixed up

The discussion surrounding the Cordoba House project in New York City contains core contradictions held by people on both sides. Many of the people who oppose it should in fact be accepting, and many of those who support it should be opposed for the very reasons they cite for support.

One premise that generates contradiction is this: the project is intended to be an insult to the memory of those who died on September 11, 2001. Let's accept this as being true and see what contradictions result.   Read more

We can learn from the Arabs

Do you remember seeing the pictures from Baghdad of people throwing shoes at the fallen statue of Sadam Huesein as it was dragged through the streets? Few of us at the time understood the meaning of the act. But we got the message loud and clear when Muntadher al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist, threw his shoes last year at then-President George W. Bush. And we also understood the full depth of Bush's ignorance of the Arab world when we saw his complete lack of understanding as he shrugged it off.   Read more

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