California and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

It's always difficult to talk about illegal immigration, but I feel compelled to speak up on this issue.

Today, the California State Supreme Court upheld a law that allows illegal immigrants who meet high school attendance requirements to receive the in-state tuition rate for state colleges instead of the out-of-state rate, which is considerably higher.

It's one thing to say that any child, regardless of citizenship status, is entitled to an education. But this is another matter altogether.  How much more out-of-state can you be than to be an illegal resident?

I see nothing wrong with saying this to illegal residents: If you are going to come here illegally to gain the benefits of our country, you should have to pay full freight.

At a time when education budgets are being squeezed and cut in many states, for California to ignore this source of funding for its system borders on criminal.

More details can be found in this CNN story.

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I tend to agree with your

I tend to agree with your assessment, but I offer a bit more insight. At least those illegals have a greater potential to apply for citizenship. The economy of Mexico and the drug wars will most likely keep them on this side of the border. Although they are still criminals, at least they are not of the devious drug running type. This immigration issue is a tough nut to crack being so varied in all of it's options. I'm absolutely positive there is no instant fix and the issue is extremely confusing. A damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario.