Good and Bad Tidings Give Pause For Thought

Every once in a while events happen that make you think about more than just politics or paying the bills.

For example, my dogs woke up Sunday night at about 10:30 and were all excited about something. There was no obvious cause for this, they were not acting as if they had heard something outside. About five minutes later my wife called from the hospital to tell me our latest grand daughter had just been born.

That is an interesting coincidence in itself, but there is more.

Our daughter's 16year old cat, whose health started failing rapidly on Sunday morning, died peacefully on Tuesday morning within minutes of our daughter and grand-baby coming home from the hospital.

I am not a religious person, but it is easy to see how coincidences like these can make one think there might be a "higher power" at work, especially at the dawn of humanity.

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