Thank you, America

No matter what you might think about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been one good thing to come from them that I hope no one will disagree with. There is a renewed respect and admiration for members of our armed forces that has been absent for far too long.

Those of us who served during the Viet Nam era recall all too well the reception we received when we came back home. Personally, I consider that to have been a disgrace and a stain upon this country.

Thankfully, things started to change during the 80s, and later the attitude towards the veterans of Desert Storm was decidedly different than in my day.

Now, I see ads for restaurants offering free meals for vets and current active members to honor Veteran's Day. I cannot say how much it means to know that Americans have learned to differentiate between the leaders who drag us into war and the troops who love and serve their country.

I know I speak for many of my fellow vets when I say "Thank you, America, for recognizing that difference." I also know that most, though not all of us, would do it all again. It's the American way.

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Great post Jim, well

Great post Jim, well stated!

I've been to the VA several times over the last few months, and when I see the kids coming in, it breaks my heart. They've paid dearly for being in these last two conflicts.

This country owes them a great deal, our politicians and citizens must be reminded of their sacrifices on a daily basis.