Views on Park51 (Cordoba House) are mixed up

The discussion surrounding the Cordoba House project in New York City contains core contradictions held by people on both sides. Many of the people who oppose it should in fact be accepting, and many of those who support it should be opposed for the very reasons they cite for support.

One premise that generates contradiction is this: the project is intended to be an insult to the memory of those who died on September 11, 2001. Let's accept this as being true and see what contradictions result.

Many Christians accept this premise and oppose the project because of it. Instead, they should realize that acceptance would be the very essence of what "turning the other cheek" embodies. The people who are behind Cordoba House might well recognize this tactic, and realize that going forward will implicitly acknowledge the validity of the premise. In my opinion, Christians whose opposition is based upon this premise takes away from the validity of Christian teachings.

Here is another such premise: the project is meant to promote understanding and reconciliation.

This premise is held by people who tend to be liberal. The problem is that by ignoring the perceptions and feelings of the opposition they are going directly against a primary tenet of classical liberalism. Specifically, the exercise of individual liberty should not allow one to cause harm to another. I submit that people who support this view should in fact be arguing for a compromise rather than taking what is perceived as an "in your face" stance. The perception of the latter view only accomplishes the exact opposite of the intended goal.

To sum up, Christians should not voice opposition to the Cordoba Project, and liberals should be pushing for compromise. In both cases each respective group is going against their basic values at the current time.

The project promoters themselves should evaluate not only their desires, but the needs of the community they wish to serve. They are free to make mistakes, but mistakes always come with a price.

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I agree about the tension in

I agree about the tension in lower Manhattan. I can attribute most of the rage to misinformation and bigotry. Fox Cable is fueling the fire by refering to the community center as Obama's Mosque.