Why not have E-Verify in the Stimulus Package?

What am I missing here? The House Democrats had a provision in the Stimulus that required contractors to use E-Verify (the program that supposedly ensures only eligible workers are hired). The Senate took it out. Why?

I can take some comfort in the fact that restrictions on using H-1B visa employees were left in place (which I'm sure gave a bit of heartburn to Bill Gates).

I feel that one of the ways to fix our economy is going to be getting our own citizens back to work, and not illegal immigrants. While it is true that some of the wages paid to illegal workers does wind up being spent here, a good portion is sent back to the country the worker came from. That is NOT going to help our economy. Granted, the actual amount will be very small overall, but the the principle is there.

I would really like to know why the Senate took that provision out. And I would urge those who vote to consider booting out the Senators responsible for doing so.

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