New boss same as the old boss?

I firmly believe if you don’t learn history or ignore it, you are doomed to repeating the same mistakes.

In 1992 Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush for the presidency of the United States. Almost immediately Republicans started rumors that Bill and Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster, James McDougall and Ron Brown murdered to cover up their involvement in Whitewater and cocaine smuggling. A video entitled, “The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton”, was introduced and distributed by Jerry Falwell in 1994. Other rumors came and went which were mostly used to denigrate President Clinton, not that he wasn’t guilty of some stated rumors, concerning adultery.

Also in 1994 Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party issued a “Contract with America”, hoping to win back seats to control Congress, which they did. With Newt Gingrich as the Speaker of the House, a budget battle ensued between Republicans and President Clinton, amid an assortment of other issues. The Republicans led by Gingrich allowed appropriations to expire on schedule, causing parts of the federal government to shut down for lack of funds; at a cost to the tax payer in the hundreds of millions. Around the same time span we had the GOP driven impeachment of President Clinton which aired on Court TV. During the impeachment proceedings other scandals were brought to light, perpetrated by the party “of family values”, names such as Bob Livingston and David Vitter, men who were to replace Newt Gingrich after he resigned. Remember, it was the Moral Majority led by Jerry Falwell who helped Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush get elected, also backing many in the GOP.

In the end, after the smoke and dust settled, the battlefield was cleared of political corpses; both sides compromised and went about doing governmental business.

Some of those politically defeated persons should have stayed out of the political arena, instead of returning to reignite another political battle. My point is, then as now, the Republican Party obstructed the presidency, issued a “Pledge to America”, and won backs seats to control Congress. Did these “new” Republicans learn their history? If so why are they already saying “hell no!” to compromise? Will they be driven by far right extremism and shoot themselves in the head instead of their foot this time around?

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