Painted Into a Corner

Much is said by Republicans and Tea Party members about cutting back on programs and repealing the health care bill. But when asked about specifics, all you get is stammering, hemming and hawing.

Since the recession, people who lack health insurance rose to fifty nine million. Many of who are in the middle class. Those with insurance, who have children on their plans, and those with previous conditions, aren’t about to give those plans up. Couple the issue of health insurance with the Bush tax cuts, creates a dilemma for the party in control of the House. Are Republicans about to raise taxes on the middle class while letting the wealthy off the hook? Cutting taxes for the wealthy immediately adds $700 billion to the deficit, another issue for those who ran as fiscal conservatives. Add the chatter amongst Republicans about shutting down the government, which will only increase our problems. At risk will be health care, MediCare, Social Security and national defense.

For two years the Republicans filibustered and said no to compromise, and are still saying the same. They’ve lacked the foresight to see they are now responsible for taking action. It would have been easier if they participated from the beginning.

Republicans and Tea Party members have neatly painted themselves into a corner. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

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Vernos, First, can you post a


First, can you post a link to back up the claim that there are now fifty-nine million without health insurance?

Second, we really can't expect Republicans to make any change in strategy until the new Congress in January since they are still a minority party in both chambers until then, especially the Senate.

Once the new Congress begins, then the Republicans will have to put up or shut up.

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