Sacrifice Made by All

The middle class and poor seem to make sacrifices more often than the wealthiest of us. They are the first to go to war, the first to carry tax burdens and the first to suffer from economic downturns.

Isn’t it time, especially now, for the wealthy to help save our great nation? They could make a few sacrifices, for a short period of time, to help stabilize our economy. The middle class can not afford to save and invest as the wealthy do. Every cent earned is needed to purchase food and pay bills. The middle class is expected to sacrifice their Social Security, pay higher health insurance, pay higher gasoline prices, and pay higher taxes. Veterans, who’ve made the greatest of sacrifices, are to pay for their own medical treatment. Veteran families are left to fend for themselves, without aid, while their loved ones are overseas. Insurance companies go so far as to steal death benefits from families who’ve lost loved ones in combat.

These policies are being accomplished by politicians who were purchased by lobbyists and campaign donations from the wealthiest of us. Over four billion dollars was spent on this last campaign.

Basically, there is no justice in our system. The wealthy can force the middle class to bail them out of financial difficulty, but not the reverse.

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