The Terrorists are Succeeding

The radical extremists belonging to Al Qaeda and the Talliban are winning the war. Not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but here in the United States. We as a nation have allowed them to enter our psyche which divided us and caused a monstrous rift. We’ve become xenophobic and Islamaphobic. Fear mongering by certain radio and television personalities disallows the ability to openly communicate.

We’ve broken our laws and want to alter The United States Constitution to justify the anger and/or rage being generated. Torturing and holding innocent people in prisons is not what America was, but has become. Soldiers were sent to their deaths or disfigured over lies. Our practice of freedom of religion has been abandoned. The government can eavesdrop and wiretap common citizens citing, it is to secure us. Crime rates along our borders are exaggerated so a few states can endorse “show me your papers.” All through this process the degeneration of our values has the people at odds and divided through the use of culture warfare. It has lead to some believing our president is a foreigner. In the ads for the upcoming elections, blatant lies are told, and some voters buy into those too, as they did when we invaded Iraq.

We’ve been down this road before when Joe McCarthy and his right hand man, Richard Nixon, abandoned our values. Why won’t we learn? Simply stated, are we that stupid as a nation, to keep repeating the same old garbage?

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