What is an elitist?

What exactly is an elitist? Are you an elitist if you can reason, or be logical and rational? Are you an elitist if you are capable of doing research and not take some talking head seriously? Why do people call you an elitist if you don’t think like them? Are you an elitist if you happen to be a well educated conservative Republican? It seems the term elitist specifies an educated moderate to the left type persona. Is the right intimidated by those different than themselves?

Last week I had an awesome conversation with a few conservative Republicans. It was refreshing to hold an intelligent discussion, not agreeing on most issues, but understanding where politics stands today. It wasn’t necessary to name call and rant about the political environment. We talked about certain television personalities influencing the already misinformed viewer. Books written by some of these personalities were discussed, and it was noted by the group, historic events were portrayed incorrectly. At one point we absolutely did agree, how insane far right extremism has become.

It was encouraging to know there are still many voters using logic, reason, and being rational in their thoughts. At the end of our conversation I understood sane responsible people are not openly voicing their opinions. I had the thought, “the future can still get better with people such as these voting.”

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