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The Terrorists are Succeeding

The radical extremists belonging to Al Qaeda and the Talliban are winning the war. Not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but here in the United States. We as a nation have allowed them to enter our psyche which divided us and caused a monstrous rift. We’ve become xenophobic and Islamaphobic. Fear mongering by certain radio and television personalities disallows the ability to openly communicate.   Read more

Perceptions trump performance for the Las Vegas Sheriff

Sheriff Doug Gillespie of Las Vegas would like the voters to look at his record and see that there are more officers on the street and crime is down during his term in office.   Read more

Is Crazy Glue the solution?

I accidentally knocked over my coffee mug, snapping the handle off. With out hesitation I reached for the Crazy Glue. Crazy Glue is a wonderful product. If used properly you can repair almost anything. But, if used incorrectly it can be a real pain in the butt. You can glue your fingers together, glue what you are repairing to a table top or glue things you aren’t trying to glue.   Read more

What is an elitist?

What exactly is an elitist? Are you an elitist if you can reason, or be logical and rational? Are you an elitist if you are capable of doing research and not take some talking head seriously? Why do people call you an elitist if you don’t think like them? Are you an elitist if you happen to be a well educated conservative Republican? It seems the term elitist specifies an educated moderate to the left type persona. Is the right intimidated by those different than themselves?   Read more

Good and Bad Tidings Give Pause For Thought

Every once in a while events happen that make you think about more than just politics or paying the bills.

For example, my dogs woke up Sunday night at about 10:30 and were all excited about something. There was no obvious cause for this, they were not acting as if they had heard something outside. About five minutes later my wife called from the hospital to tell me our latest grand daughter had just been born.

That is an interesting coincidence in itself, but there is more.   Read more

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