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Are political views 'hard-wired' into your brain?

When hearing “it’s in their DNA”, most people would assume it was a joke referring to conservatives. It seems for the last 50 years or so, research was quietly being done, comparing the brains of conservatives with those of liberal thinking people. After hearing a comment by John Dean (Richard Nixon’s advisor) about the research he did for his book "Conservative Without Conscience", I had to rethink that DNA phrase. John Dean believes the study helped explain why the Republican Party has been driven further right.   Read more

The Power of Nightmares

I came across a very interesting BBC show produced by Adam Curtis. As I watched I realized the ideology of Islam Jihad and the Neo Conservative were quite parallel. I'm linking the show below and I believe you might find it extremely informative.

A three part video, just click the arrow at the top.

"Burn a Quran Day" Is NOT Free Speech

I find the proposed "Burn a Quran Day" to be morally repugnant even though I am not religious. That said, I have to ask if it is an exercise of free speech or is it in fact something that infringes on society's (and hence my) right to a peaceful existence?

The act of publicly burning the Quran is, in my opinion, an open invitation for violent retaliation by some groups.   Read more

Good and Bad Tidings Give Pause For Thought

Every once in a while events happen that make you think about more than just politics or paying the bills.

For example, my dogs woke up Sunday night at about 10:30 and were all excited about something. There was no obvious cause for this, they were not acting as if they had heard something outside. About five minutes later my wife called from the hospital to tell me our latest grand daughter had just been born.

That is an interesting coincidence in itself, but there is more.   Read more

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