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Obama track record

What the heck has Obama done so far?


Heading Back Into the Ditch

In September of 2008, when John McCain suspended his presidential campaign and went to Washington to debate the TARP bill, I told a friend, this was the beginning of the fractionalization of the Republican Party. Since the debate over TARP, grassroots Tea Parties sprung up around the country. In the interim the Tea Party has been hijacked by career politicians, turning their anger and energy into votes, replacing many incumbents on both sides of the aisle.   Read more

New boss same as the old boss?

I firmly believe if you don’t learn history or ignore it, you are doomed to repeating the same mistakes.   Read more

Perceptions trump performance for the Las Vegas Sheriff

Sheriff Doug Gillespie of Las Vegas would like the voters to look at his record and see that there are more officers on the street and crime is down during his term in office.   Read more

Outside infuences on elections can be reduced

There has been quite a bit of talk about our political races being influenced by outsiders this cycle, and according to a recent story by the Center for Responsive Politics there is good reason to be concerned. Using data released by the Federal Election Commission on September 13, CRP reports that out-of-state contributions account for 76.9% of Harry Reid's war chest and 74.2% of Sharron Angle's.   Read more

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